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Rescuing Animals In Need


Adoption fee, new collars, leashes, ID tags, licenses, litter box:  $100-$150
Food per year:  $200-$500
Cat litter:  $100-$150
Routine annual veterinarian exams and vaccinations: 

(State law requires regular rabies vaccinations. Other vaccinations needed include feline distemper, feline  upper respiratory for cats and distemper, parvo, kennel cough and year round heartworm preventative for dogs.)

Probable Additional Costs
Emergency illness:  $500-$1000+
Obedience school: $50-$200
Pet sitter/kennel (per visit):  $10-$30+
Grooming (per visit):  $20-$40
Dog crate / Cat carrier  $25-$150
Pet bed:  $30-$100
Cat scratching post:  $15-$150
Toys, chews, treats, etc. (per month):  $5-$20
Average total cost for the first year of dog ownership is $1000.

 Average total cost for the first year of cat ownership is $550.

Special Needs Pets for Adoption                                 Pets for Adoption