Rescuing Animals In Need


Aggie is a cat who was abandoned with little to no fur many years ago.  She has chronic skin problems and an ongoing thyroid condition which needs veterinary monitoring. Very quiet(except in the car which she is not too fond of) and elderly, her age and her problems have caused her abandonment several times over until she came to us. At least now she has someone who cares & will never abandon her again and she will probably live out the rest of her life this way, considering no one will adopt an old,chronically ill, shy cat. There are too many like this out there who will never be as lucky as she is! Please remember this the next time you want a cute, cuddly kitten, they all grow old and may have health problems too! These elderly, ill creatures should not be the ones to pay for nature and heredity having their way with them. These creatures need us most of all!!!