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Rescuing Animals In Need


Ayanna was abandoned in January of 2000 in an ice storm. Suffering from starvation(she ate so much at first she could not keep it down, her stomach was too small) and being declawed her chances of survival were slim to none, if not for a caring volunteer who brought her in from the cold and nursed her back to health(which took many months).  As a result of this trauma Ayanna now has some faint skin scarring on her haunches, belly,& a few other places, including her tear ducts which can water profusely in times of stress.  She is somewhat scared of men at first but in time warms up to them. She loves to play(especially with her kitty twister, pictured here next to her)and can be talkative at times.  She is very nervous and shy initially and does not like car rides, but who could blame her after what she has been thru. She needs a permanant, solid,commited home who will appreciate her for the beautiful, sweet girl she is!!