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Rescuing Animals In Need


Chumani is a bi-color showshoe mix spayed female cat who was rescued from an abusive home while pregnant.  Her four kittens have all been adopted long ago, since everyone always wants babies and the older cats get left behind.  She has been diagnosed with lumpy, weak kidneys which don't work as well as they should. She recently had surgery to remove several mast cell tumors from her skin as well. Even though she has to have fluid treatment for her kidney disease every other day she is an affectionate & still playful girl who loves treats & to be combed. UPDATE: Chumani succombed to her kidney disease on June 26, 2006. We will miss her dearly. She never had the chance to find the loving, caring forever home that she so richly deserved. We provided her with a caring foster home, but she should have had her own family to spoil & pamper her until the end of her days. Please remember to consider a special needs cat or dog when you are looking for a new feline or canine family member. They cannot help what troubles life has dealt them & deserve a loving, forever home even more because of the trials & tribulations they have been thru. While Chumani is gone from us now, there are still others who need support & you can help them by sending a donation in Chumani's memory to R.A.I.N. P.O. Box 217 Highland Springs, VA 23075. Chumani will never be forgotten by all of us here @ R.A.I.N., she along with other special needs Cats have taught us that even the oldest & sickest deserve love & compassion from us all.