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Rescuing Animals In Need


Collin was deserted after his guardian moved & left him with no one to care for or about him. A kindly neighbor took on the job of caring for him but no one reported his abandonment. In the state of Virginia, it is a crime to abandon a companion animal, but people do not want to get involved or just do not want to be bothered with the burden of helping "just an animal".  As a result, thousands of abandoned animals are killed each day, everywhere due to lack of care & concern for them, by the public. If they have never been spayed or neutered, they reproduce & create more unwanted litters of kittens or puppies & the public expects the government to take care of something they have helped to create, & the government's solution is just to kill them. Collin is one of the lucky ones who gets another chance to find a permanent, loving, lifetime home, one who will not abandon him again & treat him like disposable trash, but one that will cherish the loving, gentle, sensitive soul that he is!!