Rescuing Animals In Need


Greta is a Siamese mix cat who has been abused and had a severe trauma to her front leg which has a metal plate in the lower part of it.  Her experience with humans has obviously not been a pleasant one and loving kindness is now what she needs most.On top of all this she had been very ill with heartworm disease. It is unknown at this time whether she will recover from this dreaded parasitic disease & little can be done but wait & see if she will live thru this ordeal at all. She is already showing signs of heart problems, one of the complications of this disease & can only be made comfortable. We give her xtra TLC & canned food(which she loves!!) as a treat to give her something to live for as there are times she appears to give up and yet, who could blame her, for her life should have been a wonderful experiance instead of the constant pain,distrust & now a possibly fatal disease that could have been prevented. We hope that whatever happens with her that she will find some peace & know love at last.   Please click on the ribbon below to find out more about how you can stop animal abuse now!        UPDATE!!!-Gretta has died on June 21, 2004. She suffered from oral sarcoma and could not be treated due to her heart condition and severe trauma & fear of being abused. She also had been diagnosed in the last months of her life with a disease called haemobartinella otherwise know as feline infectious anemia. This disease is transmitted by fleas and will never go away. It causes anemia and complicated breathing problems as well as appetite loss and vomiting. It can be treated but will recur in stressfull times or with a compromised immune system. Gretta's life should have been better and she should have had a loving, caring home to call her own. But instead she had to suffer through numerous diseases & physical pain and abuse and an intense and very real fear of people hurting her again. She was not a cuddly, loving cat because someone had been very cruel to her and she would not let anyone get that close again. She deserved even more because of that. She will never be forgotten and is, hopefully in a better place now with no pain of any kind and we hope that wherever she is, that love, comfort & compassion surround her always.