Rescuing Animals In Need


Halona means fortunate, which she is, very much indeed to survive being dumped as stray at a local shelter. Already spayed & older she was obviously no stray. Her teeth were in terrible shape & she was having trouble eating. While having her teeth taken care of she nearly died from a reaction to the anesthesia & had some mild brain damage as a result. X-rays also revealed spinal arthritis & the fact that she had been shot many times with a pellet or BB gun. These cannot be removed safely due to her anesthesia reaction and she must now take pain medication for the damage that has been done & her spinal arthritis.Only one of many pellets could be removed. It is a sad & terrible reminder of the cruelty of man & the helplessness of these creatures who have no way to stop it from happening. Unfortunately for Halona no justice can be done, due to the carelessness of the county shelter & never knowing just who did this to her. Fate has intervened & she will never have to worry about anything like this happening ever again. She will live out her life with comfort & love & her life will matter to those who continue to care for the forgotten cats who no one sees or seems to care about.   

"Be kind to everything that lives."                                    - Omaha American Indian -