Rescuing Animals In Need


R.A.I.N. is asking for your help!

We strive to assist animals that need very special care due to advancing age, illness and/or emotional trauma.  These animals are many times overlooked as adoption candidates.  Most potential adopters want a healthy, "easy" pet that requires normal care, but nature and life are not always so kind.

We, at R.A.I.N., assist most animals sight unseen, hence their medical history is a mystery. We are only able to help others when we have the financial means & caretakers available to do so. We continue to try to get each one adopted, which can be weeks, months, years and sometimes forever.  Our independant caretakers are dedicated to providing the best quality of care and the most nurturing of environments.  Our mission is for “All who enter, leave happy and as healthy as possible”.  In order to ensure that our goal is met, these special animals need long term management and financial assistance.  Special food, medical bills, medications and lab tests can be very expensive.

We need help in order to continue to help these caretakers, provide the best quality care possible. You may not be able to adopt one of these "special needs" pets, but any assistance you can give, financial or other, will not go unforgotten.

Please consider what you would need if you were in a similar helpless position as the cats pictured in these Web pages. At this time of their lives, they are totally dependent upon the help of others in order to sustain a full and rewarding life. We need financial help to defray costly medical bills and special foods.

Please let us all remember to help those creatures, who sadly fall by the wayside in the sea of endless homeless animals. They ALL deserve the best. Thank you and please remember that donations are tax deductible.Do something in your community to help, if you sincerely care because this is where the animals need us most, FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES!!

Please remember us on your next shopping trip.  The following items are greatly needed to help us to continue to care for the animals:


Paws Brand Litter (scoopable) Cat Food (any brand dry or canned)
Paper Towels Bleach (no Clorox)
Laundry Detergent Litter Boxes (hooded, please)
Cages for Cats Pet Carriers
Syringes & needles Lint Rollers

Monetary Contributions are also welcome and badly needed!!! Donations are tax deductable to the fullest extent allowed by law. Our Mailing Address is R.A.I.N. P.O. Box 217 Highland Springs, Virginia 23075 You may also come to any one of our adoption & fundraising outings. Our next outing is @still trying to find somewhere to set up. We will have our beds & toys for sale still, plus other misc cat items as well to help pay our food & vet bills. If you are interested in any of our items please either call or email us!

Go to igive.com if you purchase items online & list us as your non-profit charity!

We thank everyone who gave us their Ukrops Golden Gift Certificates.We recieved a check from Ukrops for $232.80 in 2008, thanks to all who gave us their Golden Gift Points, we hope you will remember us this year and make it even bigger & better now that Ukrops has relaunched a new Golden Gift Program for 2009 !!!!! Ukrops is one of the only places we know of that shares their space with groups like ours (we do most of our adoption outings & fundraising in front of their stores) as well as give their customers the opportunity to help share in their wealth, by giving a percentage of it to non-profit groups like ours. For that we deeply thank them and the cats especially thank them, for it can make a difference between life or death for them! For more info on Ukrops & their new Golden Gift Program please go toUkrops.com!

Please go to these sites for more info about how you can help animals of all kinds as well as maybe learning some things you did not know before and many more things that are out there WAITING FOR YOU to do something about!!!!

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