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Rescuing Animals In Need


Originally Krinkle was found wandering in a parking lot.  She went to one foster home and when that person was no longer able to give her the care that she needed and deserved she was moved to another foster home.  She has permanent scarring to her right ear which is probably the result of injury or ear mites.  This scarring causes her ear to accumulate dirt and was and it must be cleaned on a regular basis.  Krinkle is very tolerant of this and would never be ugly about it.  Her new foster parents came to love her a great deal, however, they knew it was best that she have a family of her own.  She was adopted by a family with three children and seemed to have a very good home.  During one of R.A.I.N.'s regular follow up phone calls it was learned that the new family could not keep her.  She is now back at her foster home.  At first she was sad and missed her little girl but is adjusting.  Krinkle is an exceptional cat.  She is extremely loving and sweet.  She deserves to have a permanent home with someone who is committed to love her and care for her the rest of her life.