Rescuing Animals In Need


Laurel is one of many cats whom Laura Brinser used to feed. Laurel was one of the only ones used to human contact. Laura was murdered at the place where she fed these cats. Laurel is named for her caretaker & when Laura was killed the cats had no one to feed them, & as a result one of Laurels' kittens died. Laurel is one of the lucky ones who managed to survive & who also liked people as most of the cats were relocated to a sanctuary in Orange County, Virginia named Rikki's Refuge. There these feral cats can live out their lives safely & well fed, all thanks to Kay Nelson of Cat Alliance & the generousity of folks who sent in donations to care for these cats in Laura's memory. Laurel no longer has to worry about starvation & danger. She can relax and take care of herself instead of struggling to care for kittens she should not have had in the first place. She is a sweet, playful girl who loves attention & comfort. Gone but not forgotten are the sadness & suffering Laurel once had and it is our job to make sure she never again has to go thru it again!