Rescuing Animals In Need


Lyra came from a home where her caretaker was mentally unstable and had to be institutionalized. Lyra is a special cat for several reasons. She had been hit by a car several years ago and had severe head trauma as a result and cannot see out of one eye. Also unknown to us at the time she was suffering from severe seperation depression and when offered food refused all of it.This can be a dangerous problem since cats can have Liver Problems from not eating for too long! After having a thorough check-up(complete blood work, physical exam,x-rays) no physical cause could be determined. Having no clear history on her we suspected layrnx damage since her purring was exceptionally rough and she sometimes coughed while purring. While it was hard to believe that she was depressed due to her unbelieveably sweet nature, her caretaker pulled out The Rescue Remedy(a five flower essence formula created for stress & trauma in humans & animals)hoping this may help her! Much to her relief and Lyra's it did and she has been eating everything in sight!!! Her attitude perked up and she is now happy for the first time, since being left in her former guardian's house almost two weeks prior to her displacement. We can only imagine the feelings of grief, abandonment, & confusion that she and other companion animals must feel when they are caught in the chaos of this world and it's problems. We hope that we can help to educate people on how their lives effect everything around us even our animal companions!!! UPDATE: Lyra became very ill & could not breathe well & there was no more we could do to ease her suffering so we helped her across the rainbow bridge so she could suffer no more. She is only one of so very many who no one wants due to physical problems & age. She & others like her will continue to need someone who cares. As we struggle to continue on in our quest to help those like Lyra we still need your help to care for these kitties for their lifetime. Please consider a donation in her name to help another kitty like Lyra whose life matters regardless of health & age.