` R.A.I.N. - Miakoda
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Rescuing Animals In Need


Miakoda was abandoned @ a local county shelter with her daughter, that was infected with feline distemper. Miakoda survived but her daughter did not. Miakoda is a very quiet & sweet, petite girl who had to have several teeth removed due to deterioration as a result of having distemper. She is healthy & ready for a new home, one who will not cruelly abandon her to a fate like she had before.  Many other young cats have died as a result of distemper in this shelter.  Miakoda happens to have been older & survived it. She & her daughter deserved much better than this as do all who end up the victim of a society overbred & underloved. The shelter she came from also releases animals to labs to be used as test subjects & many cats & dogs who never get adopted or euthanized go on to suffer unknown horrors by being used in experiments & testing of almost any kind. This is known as voluntary pound seizure. The shelters who participate have the attitude that these animals are going to be euthanized anyway, so might as well make them useful first.Miakoda is a very lucky girl indeed & is now accustomed to all the pleasures that her small life can hold & will settle for no less than being a spoiled, pampered member of the family!!