Rescuing Animals In Need


Please choose the items you want to order and fill out your information at the bottom of the form.  We will contact you to confirm your order and to give you a grand total. We accept checks & money orders by mail but do not personally accept credit cards due to the large start-up fee,monthly maintenance fees, & percentage of sales the credit card companies take. We feel that this is money that could be used to help more cats and hope that you will understand.

YOU CAN CALL IN YOUR CREDIT CARD @ 804-747-1155!!!! State your name as it appears on your card, card type(VISA etc.), card number & exp date. Please leave phone number(s) where you can be reached for any questions we have. State item description(s), size, color/pattern, quantity of each item & complete mailing address for shipment. All items are shipped out insured thru the United States Postal Service. Please request a return call for a total if you need one. Your purchases will be charged directly to Ashcake Animal Clinic, whom is our veterinarian and will be applied to our large vet bill. A credit receipt will be enclosed in your package from them. If you wish to have verification of the validity of this procedure you may call Ashcake Animal Clinic @ 804-550-2458 for authentication. THANK YOU FOR CARING!!


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