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Rescuing Animals In Need


Paladin was left to his own devices after his guardian decided that a cat in the house was something they no longer wanted(especially since they did not believe in neutering male cats). He roamed the neighborhood with no one whom to turn to. After scratching children when they mistreated him, his former guardian was going to take him to the local "pound" to have him killed. Fortunately for him, we were able to rescue him from sure death. He was none too happy at first, being on his own so long, his mistrust of people was very high & he had no problem in letting all of us know that he was having no part of us, for quite some time. Through patience & working at gaining his trust, he is now a talkative cat who still regains his attitude sometimes, but has grown to be an affectionate boy who gets along well with other cats and may get along with dogs too.He needs a home where his past is understood & one that will give him the time he needs to adjust & trust, the ones he is living with for the duration of his life.