Rescuing Animals In Need


Stimpy is a gray & white neutered male cat who was hit by a car and left for dead,when a kind person came& saved his life.This caring person also was mentally disabled and had to be put into a hospital permanantly and Stimpy was left without anyone to care about him or for him.  Having to have his tail cut off because it was crushed, he has also lost feeling in his rectum & can't always tell when his stools are finished & doesn't know it is still hanging out and it drops on the floor.  For this reason he may never find a home, because people can't deal with this fact & don't want him after they hear this.If only he had lived a safe indoor life instead, away from the danger of cars,he would have a permanant home who loves him. What he needs is an understanding,inside,safe,loving home where he will no longer be rejected because of someone elses' mistakes!