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Rescuing Animals In Need


Born with a cyst in her third eyelid, Suki was unable to have surgery until she was 8 weeks old because she was too little to undergo anesthesia. But by this time it had completely scarred up her eye and now after removing the cyst her eye is permanantly damaged. She may have to have further surgery to remove the scarred & damaged eye, but for now it is stable and just needs to be watched for signs of any infection.She has been handled since birth and loves people. She has also, since birth, been a carrier of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV. An affectionate,playful & outgoing girl she has never realized she is different & rightfully so, because she is not in her mind nor in ours. She wants love just as much as any other and deserves it just as much if not more. Her appearance & her FIV may deter many from adopting her but she deserves only the best home, someone who will love her no matter what her future may hold! There are many kittens who are like Suki, but never get the chance that she has. Keep all cats safe from this disease by keeping them safely inside & please spay and neuter all cats and dogs and remember as long as people want kittens and puppies there will always be more. Don't be selfish, spay & neuter and prevent tragedy before it can start!