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Rescuing Animals In Need


Taite was discovered, starving in the parking lot of a volunteer's workplace one morning as she was going in to work.Thought at first to be a wild kitten, she approached him & called to him and he put up his tiny tail and trotted over to her. As she scooped him up, she felt his tiny motor running as well as every bone in his tiny body. Being severely malnourished,emaciated & dehydrated, he needed intensive care for several months to recover and become well again. Once that happened he promptly came down with a bad case of conjunctivitis and needed another few weeks of recovery and treatment for this. Now neutered and ready for a new home, he is an outgoing and friendly fellow who absolutely loves food(even medications)! He gets along with other cats and dogs too! He was one of the lucky ones, for there are thousands of kittens who die every day from exposure,starvation & cruel abandonment!