Rescuing Animals In Need

Sure puppies and kittens are cute, but...

Don't forget about older pets that may fit into your life perfectly.

      With an older cat or dog, you will get a less destructive, more graceful animal, and one that has probably already passed "basic training"-you may not need to housebreak them, and they will most likely know to come when called and what "no" means. The cat or dog may have been neutered, which will save you money.  And if you work, a full-grown pet is better able to stay home alone during the day - this is especially true for dogs.

     Older cats & dogs are just as loving as young animals maybe even more so, but because most people want "cute" puppies and kittens, millions of older animals will be euthanized each year.

     If you're looking for a good companion, look at the older dogs and cats at your local humane organization or animal shelter. They have lots of love to give and the admirable qualities that come with maturity.


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