Rescuing Animals In Need


     As you consider adoption, please keep in mind that this is an adoption not a mere purchase. Money can buy things such as cars, houses, toys, etc. You are not purchasing any of these discardable items. As you would expect when adopting any new family member, you will not be able to just pay the adoption fee and walk away with a pet. Adoption means a life long commitment to a new family member. You are choosing to become responsible for the life of the pet you adopt. 

R.A.I.N. reserves the right to deny any adoption to anyone whom, in our opinion, will not provide a suitable home for the pet. This decision will be based upon the adoption application and investigation of information contained therein as well as any information obtained in the interview or from references given. All pets will be home delivered and if the home is found to be acceptable, the adoption will be finalized.Our adoption procedures are as follows: 1.SCREENING APPLICATION COMPLETED 2.IN PERSON SCREENING & GO OVER SCREENING APPLICATION WITH AN ADOPTION COUNSELOR 3.COMPLETE REFFERENCE CHECK 4.EVALUATION WITH OTHER ADOPTION COUNSELORS AS TO SUITABILITY AS PROSPECTIVE ADOPTIVE HOME 5.NOTIFICATION EITHER BY PHONE OR MAIL OR E-MAIL OF ACCEPTANCE OR DENIAL OF ADOPTION. 5A. ACCEPTANCE OF ADOPTION WILL BE FOLLOWED UP WITH HOME DELIVERY OF ADOPTIVE COMPANION & COMPLETION OF PAPERWORK & ADOPTION FEES DUE AT TIME OF HOME VISIT. 5B.DENIAL WILL BE FOLLOWED UP BY A WRITTEN NOTIFICATION BY MAIL OR E-MAIL GIVING REASONS FOR DENIAL OF ADOPTION.

If you are ready to make such a commitment, please continue to pursue adoption. 

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