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Rescuing Animals In Need



Since you want to adopt a new family member, you will want to be sure to have all the things necessary to make your kitty comfortable and happy. 

Listed below are our suggestions:


Hooded Litter Pan


Scoopable Litter and Scoop


Scratching Post/Cat Tree
(At least 3 or 4 feet high with the upright posts either
natural wood or covered with sisal rope)


Cat Carrier
(Not too small, please)


Quality Dry Cat Food
(Avoid grocery store brands as they contain many dyes and preservatives
which can be harmful to your cat. We recommend Iams, Nutro, or
another quality food without additives.)


Food Dishes
(Ceramic bowls are best as plastic dishes are difficult to
keep sanitary and may cause chin acne.)


Brush, Comb, and Nail Clipper


Cat Bed
(R.A.I.N. has many beautiful, machine washable, quality made
beds for sale. The
proceeds of these beds provide food and medical care to kitties awaiting adoption. )


(Kitties just wanna have fun!!)


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